A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

walk through an endless forest,
taking in the sights and sounds.
stop, think, look around.
you never know what could be found.

a slow game made by

David Fenn - audio
Maike Vierkant - illustration
Felix Laurie von Massenbach - everything else


use the whole mouse


Forest Walk (Linux) (69 MB)
Forest Walk (macOS) (68 MB)
Forest Walk (Windows) (66 MB)


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Great experience and I'm kind of loving the character popping off from the rest of the game as well. Think some sounds for when you're walking / running would be good to take away the gliding effect that this has.

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thank you for this lovely experience. i like it, it's quite soothing. :) if you are thinking of further development, it would be nice to see more different kinds of vegetation, various landscape features (e. g., lakes and streams) and maybe different seasons.